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15th July 2009

11:52pm: for liz

25th December 2008

4:05pm: JOYEUX NOËL!!
happy christmas to everyone :D

yesterday we went to my uncle marc's house, where my father's siblings bernard and christine also were, as well as my cousins louis and romain. they're the kids of chantal, my father's other sister with whom he doesn't get along, so this is my second time ever meeting them. they are too sweet, i'm really glad to get to know them.

and today my mum's been making pakistani food for her brother sony and his family who are coming, as well as bernard and christine, and veronique, a childhood friend of my father's, and her friend (boyfriend?) patric. i helped by peeling and cutting almonds into slivers, which of course took me 3 hours, literally...

the menu:
-mutton biryani (rice with mutton cooked in it)
-chicken curry
-keema patties (minced beef, cooked into patties but i don't remember what it's called)
-gajjar ka halwa (dessert of sweetened cooked carrots with raisins and almond slivers)

can't wait!!

once again happy christmas to everyone, i love you all!

i'm doubly famous!
Current Mood: still sick, but it's all good

14th December 2008


i especially like the part at 0:27 before they cross the street. i should see mary poppins again.

i'd like to write a musical someday. maybe with my brother doing the script? i should first do some individual songs though to get the hang of it. anybody feel like a lyricist?

sony and nathalie and the kids (and their dog!) are coming today for lunch. my parents have presumably run off to get groceries. good for them! i'm a bit tired of shopping. we went every single day since my parents got here. i even got irritated at my mum because after we said we were done looking around for clothes for half the day at the part-dieu (big shopping center in lyon), she still wanted to go into a store. all we ended up buying after all that was a pair of gloves for my father :p

yesterday i mixed up some languages. since we talk in french and english together, and i haven't done so in a long long time, i made some goof-ups. like lunday (lundi + monday), and chauliflower (choux + cauliflower).

ooh, i found out that there was a nintendo event yesterday in lyon, so i went in. took a bus from down the street into perrache, one of the big transit centers, then a metro from there to massena, then walked over to the place. it was just a show of some games for wii and ds, with some booths for playing them, nothing fantastic. although i won a game in one of their lottery thingies. i won the simpsons game for the wii, which i'll give to alex and roxanne since they have a wii and like the simpsons.

alright, it's 2 1/2 hours later, and sony and nathalie and kids are here. alex dropped orange juice on a bedspread already... darn kids! gotta wake up papa for lunch, since sony and nathalie are coming back from their grocery shopping in two minutes. bye-bye!

12th December 2008

2:20pm: HOUSE!
we're in our house now. we got the heating working yesterday, and now it's livable! we're HOME!! more later, it's time for some snacks. but now that it's fixed, you're all welcome whenever you like!

9th December 2008

10:44am: flight delays!
yoohoo! so my parents were supposed to be here by now... their delhi-paris flight was late, so they missed their connecting flight and are coming in right before lunch. which is easier for my aunt because it isn't rush hour (the earlier flight would have been during rush hour), but! it leaves me having to be responsible.

so at 11:20 i dress up maxence and myself to go outside, 11:35 head to alex's school, come back and drop off (i think) his buddies (nathalie and their mums help each other out, especially because there's some crazy guy who escaped from a mental ward and threatens kids in the neighborhood... i'm not making it up!), get back, give alex his lunch so he can eat, feed maxence, send alex back to be taken to school by one of his buddies' mum at 12:30, then sit tight until my parents get back. phew!

i'm getting used to maxence drooling and other baby stuff. his teeth are coming out so he drools a lot, but i don't freak out if he gets it on my clothes. he spit up onto my green sweater (one of my favorite medium warm things) and i didn't freak out either. it's funny being around all these kids. i'm the youngest of my nuclear family, but since my parents are both the oldest of their siblings, all my cousins are younger than me. except karen, who's a year older than me, but she's tiny, so i call her my baby cousin anyway. it's kinda like having younger siblings, it's nice.

hm, what else... i've been terribly lazy. i think it's because being in france means being on vacation to me, which at this point is a dangerous feeling. already since i'm prone to being lazy... ooh, i played the latest zelda for the wii! it's called twilight princess. it's very good, so anybody who has a wii go check it out!

the 5th-8th december is the fete de la lumiere (festival of light) in lyon, also called les illuminations (same in english). on saturday we went into town, to the place bellecour. we went on this huuuuge ferris wheel and saw lyon from up high. there wasn't that much light stuff since it's really on the 8th. yesterday alex and i went into vienne (right across the rhone river) and walked around and saw some stuff. he told me there's a shop with a huge lego city in its display, but he couldn't find it.

i had other things to babble about, but i can't remember now. well, there are the photos for your entertainment.

France 1

oh! i remembered one thing. i had to get some deo, and i picked one axe randomly that smelled familiar so i took it. then i figured out that it kinda smells like atit. so i'm wearing eau de atit. eau means water, by the way. alright, it's time to get maxence ready to party. bye-bye!

7th December 2008

12:52am: some photos
pooped because we went out into lyon for the night before les illuminations (same in english) where there are lights everywhere. it's 1 am already!! so some photos, and i'll write poop tomorrow. good night!

France 1

24th November 2008

5:36pm: yo!
hey kids! now i'm at my uncle marc and aunt pannie's house. marc is my father's youngest brother, and him and pannie have two kids. charles is a year younger than me and in his last year in university in grenoble, studying chemistry and physics. coraline is 19 and has started studying econ at a university here in lyon, so i've been hanging around mostly with her.

otherwise i'm making myself a CV (curriculum vitae, like a resume) in french, which means i'm having to learn a bit about accents. so far it isn't bad. it's a good thing i read lots of french mickey comics when i was younger!

i've noticed that at sony and nathalie's, i don't notice the days go by. i think it's because the kids are there and they're nuts, but i get to the end of the day and i can't remember having done anything. it's really weird!

hm, what else.. my parents are coming! december 9th, staying a month. we're going to stay in our house in vourles. i haven't seen them in a year and a half! i miss them.

i went into lyon last week to get familiar with it. i got a map from the tourism office and walked around the place bellecour. then i went to the part-dieu, which is a shopping center and train station and a hotel-tower shaped like a pencil. it's funny placing my childhood memories in context here again. i got a bit lost when going from the part-dieu to my uncle's restaurant, but i liked it, and i found my way back after wandering a bit.

some observations on my countrymen and countrywomen:
-twice i passed in close proximity with a man, and i smelled b.o. what's the deal?!
-most people are average weight or skinny
-everyone's winter coats are black, but i can't really talk because so is mine :p
-i have seen some cute girls but none who bowled me over
-for some reason, i'm unable to estimate the ages of women here

observations on other things:
-mcdonald's has many different sauces which is used in the burgers themselves, which i find tastier.
-games are more expensive here than in the u.s.
-i like seeing well-worn buildings
-i like the way the roads and sidewalks are built here

here's a funny commercial with pierce brosnan: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VfSguc9piUk

13th November 2008

6:57pm: airport
here i am at the airport, waiting on the flight to DC. the flight's running a bit late, but they said no connections will be missed. actually this turns out better because i wanted to put up one last post while i still had wireless, since i don't think my aunt and uncle have wireless.

oh, they sent me a picture of maxens, my 6-month old cousin. he's very cute. they call him maxou. but i can't put up pictures on lj!!

i also talked with my cousin karen last week. she sent me a picture from when we were kids, where we're squishing trixie our doggie between us. trixie doesn't look too happy in it :p karen's a very good artist. she scored a fulbright for study in the u.s. for 2009! and she's going to have an exposition of her paintings in paris in april!! and she's only 23!

hmhmhmmh. i remembered on the way to the airport that i like traveling. i don't know what it is exactly. maybe it's because i remember traveling with my family a lot when i was young ('cause now i'm an old bag).

that's pretty much it. plan is to stay in lyon a little while, check out game companies and apply to some jobs, and see what life in france is like. i wanna make munny and buy me some snacks! ooh, i'm really looking forward to the patisseries and boulangeries in france. breads and pastries here just don't compare to what you get there. at least that's what i remember. i'll find out soon!

this is silly:

30th September 2008

11:18pm: party time
john and beth are gone all of next week for vacation in utah, and i'll be here all lonesome, so how about everyone come up here for the weekend/week. there's more than enough space for everyone to stay!

not doing much. trying to find some teaching gig in japan for next year, although my mum was saying to check if one of the grad schools that accepted me might take me in the spring. have to see...

started watching HEROES again. it's fun!! the indian dude is turning into a snake or reptile or something because he injected himself with something that triggers powers. he became super-strong and fast, then super-sexy since the south american girl couldn't keep her hands off him all of a sudden, and then the weird side effects started showing up...

and the office on thursday. i'm excited.

21st September 2008

6:58am: dusk!
nearing 7 am, and i'm still OK at the ohio game jam. although i typed ham the first time.

we had two constraints: something social (i.e. potentially facebook-capable) and something that raises awareness about something.

the team i'm on is working on an environmental resource management game, kinda like simcity in a snow globe so you suffer the effects of your own pollution. i'm pretty much done with my audio job. i found some sound effects online, and then i made one track, which is all that's needed at this point. it's nice, i think. i'll try to figure out a way to post it sometime, probably on my site.

speaking of which, now i have my own domain name! www.xaviervlafont.com the V is in there because another xavier lafont already claimed the name. how sad :'( he's a diving instructor in canada, or something.

anyway, i sketched up a second track since i have nothing else to do, and i'm gonna start working on it in a minute. i ain't gonna sleep! the sky is getting to be that nice gray-pink color. good morning! or a programmer's first words (every time): "hello world!"

20th September 2008

11:48am: excited
we got power back on thursday, so we cleaned the fridge and went to the market to get new food. beth put baking soda in the fridge and freezer to absorb the smell - isn't that smart?! whoever made baking soda made it very versatile. anyway, then john came back from binghamton yesterday. if we had been in colgate he would have come to visit, i guess.

anyway, now i'm getting ready for the second OHIO GAME JAM!!! it's an event where game designers get together and see what games they can make in 24 hours. basically a marathon kinda thing. i'll be doing music stuff primarily. i checked the site of the previous one (http://ohiogamejam.org/) and they're funny and quirky games which i guess is what you get in such a short time. i'm wondering what this one's theme might be. i'll find out soon!

17th September 2008

2:27pm: the apocalypse
yo! so there was a badass wind storm on sunday that knocked out power in lots of columbus. some areas have power now, but we don't have it at home. at least our water heater is gas-powered, otherwise no showers for me.

so fridge and freezer are out, and the stuff inside's going or gone bad. john's away in binghamton for the week, so beth and i walked down the street the other day to find somewhere to eat. we found a place which wasn't that good, but we ate there anyway. they were getting lots of business because of the power shortage i guess. then we walked down a bit further to a supermarket. they had some lights on in the front and signs saying that they have no meat, eggs, milk or ice. we picked up candles and oreos and doughnuts :p snacky stuff that doesn't need to be refrigerated.

anyway! a lot of traffic lights are out, which in india would be a disaster. back there, everyone in cars would crowd into the intersection itself and try to inch past each other, horns honking and all. but here, everyone treats the intersections like four-way stop signs, usually lets someone else move before they do, and then actually looks before moving! it's fantastic.

we hear lots of sirens at home. i donno if it's people being bored (no electronics) and doing physical stuff and hurting themselves, or what.

anyway, it's not really the apocalypse. it's like survival-lite or something. i find it entertaining. right now i'm at a barnes & noble cafe. i've been stretching out a vitamin water for almost an hour... but it's time for lunch. gotta go! enjoy your electricity!

30th August 2008

7:55pm: stuff
EDIT: different site... http://xaviervlafont.weebly.com/

yo! so i got a site at freewebs. check it out if you've got time: http://xaviervlafont.weebly.com/

selling my bum online, basically... and that is a technical term. if you guys have any suggestions for it, do tell me!

i've been working mostly on my script the past couple of days. it's at 8000 words. i think it's the biggest thing i've written ever!

then i checked a screenplay that my brother sent me: 30,500 words... at the same time, it's an indian film, so it's like 3 to 3 1/2 hours, and it was his first version of the script i think so a lot of stuff would later be cut.

anyway, today we all went to a bob evans for lunch/brunch. i got a strawberry banana cream stacked and stuffed hot cakes. our waitress asked me if i wanted maple syrup with it, and i said no. then john and beth started teasing me again, saying she liked me. john: "because she knows you like it sweet, but not too sweet."

when we were paying the bill, john and beth said they're going to leave my phone number on it for her :p what bums! well, i tease them sometimes when they're being cute, so i guess it makes up for it.


27th August 2008

7:34pm: stayin' aliiiiiiiive
yeah, i'm still here. just got livejournal lazy for the past month and didn't update. the fiction class was interesting and i learned some things. we also read "city of glass," a graphic novel adaptation of the novel by the same name. it's pretty nuts. and we read and watched "brokeback mountain." i would recommend people seeing it because it's quite sad in the end.

otherwise i've gone crazy on my game project. it's a concept i've been cooking over since high school. it starts with a murder and stuff. partly inspired by "the fugitive" with harrison ford (he was the man! kimble, indiana jones, han solo). anyway, i've done a lot of programming in the past week and a half for that. now i'm glad i took comp sci at colgate!

and today i received my employment authorization card, which means i can now work. i just need a job by november or the government will get worried about me or something. i think i can do part-time at least now, while i'm looking for something more long-term.

well, i think that's about it. contemplating getting a (free) website for my game, but i donno. currently i'm just using the graphics that come bundled with the program i use, since i'm not a sprite artist at all, so it looks fine but not very original. all the music will be done by me though! i've completed about 1/3 of the planned music so far. i went on a streak where i did like 4 songs in a week! it made me very poomp.

all right, i'm done. peace!

27th July 2008

11:41pm: no news, just snooze
i'm sitting in on an intro to fiction class. i thought it would be entertaining and maybe i'd learn something! read "roman fever" by edith wharton (http://www.geocities.com/short_stories_page/whartonromanfever.html) and i found it hilarious at the end. i don't think it means to be, but... yeah :p also reading "white teeth" by zadie smith. it's kinda odd so far.

watching home improvement. i don't know why, but i like it. it's corny, it's silly, but i can't get enough!

finished my piano piece. listened to it, and it's kinda poop. i seem to have lost my mojo. i think i need something to focus on for writing. hmm.... looking into composition contests, that might be fun and maybe what i need.

john told me about this site, meetup.com, where you can meet people based on common interests. so i'll go to these, namely: anime, and japanese :D

ooh, i've seen a couple shows of sesame street! it's too good. i never saw it as a kid because i grew up in india, but now i know a little bit what it's about!

this is me after every shower:

he looks so grumpy! i remember when we gave our dog trixie baths. she looked so skinny! then super pretty after she was dried and combed.

22nd July 2008

1:02am: yoohoo! the first half of the summer term ended, so my music tech course was over. i learned so much! well, two programs and a bit about how the technology works. for this second half of the term, i was trying to take a course about using technology for teaching music to elementary and middle school kids. it meets five days a week 9 am to 3 pm, which is a lot for one course, but i went today to the first class and figured out what the deal is. it's actually just a one-week course, like a workshop. and basically it's geared around a specific program, for which a one-year subscription is $160. which makes sense for the teachers who were taking the course so they could go back and use it with their kids, but not for me for 5 days. so forgot about that. i'll instead see if i can take an intro to fiction class.

so when john and beth came back, they said let's go to a japanese restaurant. i was poomp! we went to this chain called ichiban steak house. it was a bit odd because the waiter put us right next to an oldish couple with a grandma. and then he put a lady next to us. we found out that it was because the chef was gonna do some knife-tossing and other fancy stuff while making our food. but not before our waitress almost spilled water on john.

the cook did a lot of cool stuff. first he played with the knife and scraper thingy. then he took out some eggs. he spun one on the cooking surface, then picked it up with the scraper and tossed it around for a while. then he tossed it up and caught it in his chef's hat! it was shaped like a pan. he tried doing the same with the second egg, but broke the shell, and then he just moved on and made the omelet for the fried rice. i guess if they mess up a trick they're supposed to move on instead of trying to repeat it. anyway, i got salmon. it didn't seem very japanese to me, apart from the salad.

anyway, then john and beth decided to tease me. they asked why i didn't bust out the japanese with the waitress. like my uncles, john was saying i should get a girlfriend. he also said i gots the yellow fever! when they had finished eating and i was finishing up (late as usual), they were saying she was checking me out, and i should say something... those punks! i think i have to start teasing them back. they're too cute and cuddly sometimes, i gotta make some comments or something.

alright, time to sleep. but first a health tip:

17th July 2008

5:58pm: anecdotes
yoohoo! no real news, just random stuff. i sent out the new photos for my opt. i got the 3-day express service, but it got there the next day anyway so it's a good thing i went for the cheaper one.

today after my class, while i was waiting for john so we could go get lunch, i was interviewed by either the cleveland news or cincinatti news. the interviewer was asking questions about the value of the college degree having gone down in recent years. so he asked me what i studied, if i was trying to find a job. he figured with a japanese degree (even though i mentioned the music first, dammit!) it shouldn't be that difficult for me to find a job :p i said i thought it was better to have a degree in like econ or something, plus a language degree. anyway, when i saw john showed up i ditched them.

we went to a buffalo wild wings for lunch. john wanted to get a beer, and our waitress asked him for id... now john doesn't exactly look like a spring chicken. he probably doesn't even remember the last time he was id'ed. it seemed unnecessary.

then i saw rainn wilson on cnn. he showed up talking about the weather, although he ended up plugging his latest movie 'the rocker.' the sound was off on the tv's so i donno what he was actually saying, but it was probably ridiculous.

the actual new episodes of avatar are starting tonight. i'm so poomp! john and beth made fun of me for watching it. john said his friend's kids who are 5 and 8 are really excited about it too... beth heard 'firebending' on the telly and found it goofy. i said it's a good show, and she said sure :p philistines, all!

i found a game from 2001, which was really nice. it's called 'ico,' after the protagonist, who is a horned boy. every 100 years, a boy is born with horns, and when he is of age he is abandoned in a castle as a sacrifice. ico escapes from his cage by luck, and meets an imprisoned girl named yorda. after he gets her out, shadows appear and try to capture her again, and ico has to defend her while leading her out of the castle. as it turns out, yorda's mother is the queen of the castle and the shadows are under her command. she's getting old and wants to use yorda's body to extend her life. great mom... anyway, ico has to protect yorda and lead her by the hand out of the castle, it's very sweet.

hmmgmgmhmghf, i had some other anecdotes but i forget. oh well! i'll leave you with this:

i'm a sucker for dogs. i was thinking a couple days ago that maybe i should one day get a cat instead of a dog, since they're cleaner. but then i met a cool dog, and he was very well behaved. he followed his human without a leash and obeyed him. i think he was interested in me too, we shared a gaze. but we had to let go of each other. so yeah, back to dogs! they're too funny.
Current Mood: good

15th July 2008

11:44pm: gnome-be-gone's
credit goes to liz for pointing me to the site perpetualkid.com, where i found these creatures called gnome-be-gone's:

they're too cool!! they're lawn decoration, btw.
Current Mood: ecstatic

14th July 2008

1:50pm: le quatorze juillet
today is le quatorze juillet (the 14th of july), known in the rest of the world as bastille day, celebrating the french revolution.

yay! if i were in india right now i would have gone to the reception at the french embassy with my parents and brother. known for its buttload of cheeses, meats, and little desserts.

anyway, i've gotten like a permanent farmer's tan just from the 20 minutes of walking around campus that i do thrice a week :p

i didn't get the opt yet, but i did get a notice that the photos i sent weren't good, so i have to send new ones. which i figure is maybe a good sign? what they say is: "however, your photos do not meet qulaity standards." they did misspell quality. so i have to go redo those and send it out. presumably i'll have the opt in hand soon? then i just have to get a job. easy as pie! ...yeah, no luck yet.

this week begins the avatar final run. one episode every night, and then the season and series finale on saturday with a 2-hour special! emily, get cable before then. how can you miss this:

(yes, that's sokka, although it looks like a girl right there).

gots to go get my pictures taken. bye!

10th July 2008

9:28pm: yo!
we finally got internet in the new house, so i'm online again. now i can babble at will here and you guys have no choice but to read anything and everything i say!

so today after my class, i went to the barnes & noble as usual to read some manga. i've been reading 'death note', which is f-ing awesome. a high school kid finds a notebook called the death note one day, and in it are rules for using it. basically, if you write a person's name in it, they die, of a heart attack by default. he starts imagining that he can cleanse the world of criminals, eventually to make the world safer and better by making people afraid of him. then shows up L, a super-detective, and they engage in an insane battle of wits. the dramatic moments are really edgy and nerve-wracking, it's too damn good!!

alright, enough of my rabidness. after the bookstore, i met john and beth and ben (john's math buddy) for dinner. they were all having beers, so i tried a bacardi mixer with coke. not that good. i should have stuck with what i know! of course, they all made fun of me for having a girlie drink.

not been doing much. slowly working on a piano piece. applying for jobs. working on my game. i'd like to make a series of 12 piano pieces, and since i'm currently a bum i'm dreaming big anyway.

time for snack!

but first....

3rd July 2008

1:14pm: stranded!
so we moved into john and beth's new house on tuesday. it's very nice, i put up some pictures on facebook. although everything is still packed up, so it's not too livable at the moment. we found the dishes, but not the cutlery so we're using plastics for now. anyway, there's no tv or internet at the moment in the new house, so i'm a bit isolated, although i've kept myself entertained.

i'm actually at my class. i'm taking a music technology course at ohio state since i'm here anyway. i'm learning two programs that i didn't know before, so that's good. we're actually having the midterm right now (it's a 5-week course, just half of the summer semester), but i finished it because we literally reviewed everything right before the quiz anyway. i'm not getting graded on anything anyway :p

usually after class i get lunch with john somewhere nearby. his office is in one of the math buildings, which is actually a tower, so it's aptly named the math tower. sounds pretty cool... his math buddy ben came to columbus yesterday and he's staying for two weeks to work with john. i get the feeling john is a rising star in the field of math. i'm so proud!

anyway, yesterday at dinner, ben started recommending ways of meeting girls for me. he said to check out bookstores, especially at the self-help section :p beth agreed with him that no girls would be over at the comix section... i refuse to believe it! he said the kinkiest types would be at the sex section. he's a bit of a nut :p but a nice guy. he's the one who gave me that world war ii fighter pilot's jacket that i had during freshman year, if anybody remembers it.

hmm, the midterm time is over. gots to go! see you all in a month for liz's fete?

29th June 2008

5:42pm: death, breasts, and expedition
yesterday i had a reminder of my own mortality. i woke up with an odd headache, because it was centered on a specific spot in my head. it hurt! i took an aspirin, but it didn't do much. i went back to sleep and got up again when the aspirin's time was up, and beth gave me medicine for migraines and by evening it was gone. but damn, it sucked! if it was just a regular headache i wouldn't have minded so much. around 5 years ago i had a really bad migraine, in which i couldn't look at anything, my sense of balance was off, and moving my head in any direction hurt like a momma. the doc said it was an atypical migraine, and i might have something like it again one day. i'm glad it didn't turn out to be that again. anyway, that was my saturday... i had a headache and slept most of the day.

today john and i went to the origins games convention. beth went in to work at 9 am and is getting back at 4 pm tomorrow... these doctors are crazy! (cookie if you get the reference, although i suspect only mila would know it) so it was just the two of us. they had board games, collectible card games, role-playing games, and a tiny bit of video games (actually old-ass consoles and vintage games. i saw 'harvest moon' for $125, that was the most expensive game i saw there). anyway, we hung around for a while and looked around. john and beth play board games for fun with friends, so maybe he was hoping to pick up something new.

we started heading back for home when it started raining, so we went into a coffee shop/bar and watched the euro cup final. i'm more partial towards the germans than the spanish... maybe it's because of bach or beethoven or wagner, i donno. anyway!

so on the way home we went through a festival or something in a park. there was a band, and lots of booths, and hundreds of people. we were walking through it, when i noticed that a girl's top looked funny, like 2-dimensional or something. that's because it was painted on, and she was actually topless. that's pretty gutsy, i say. i forgot about it, but then there was ANOTHER girl with a top painted on her chest. what's the deal?? i told john, and he says i was seeing things... ever the supportive brother. i thought columbus was supposed to be normal?

tomorrow i'm heading out to a faraway post office to try and return my tuition deposit for the school in vancouver. luckily they hadn't deposited it yet, so the nice lady just returned it to me. it's been annoying because one post office didn't know what to do with it, and another didn't carry enough cash to return it to me. hopefully tomorrow will work out. i'm making it a day's expedition out there, since it's 2 miles away. hopefully i can find a wendy's or something on the way, or else i'll have to scavenge for roots and berries. i'm bored, i need some adventure in my life... games ain't cutting it any more! but if i could beat up monsters for money and loot on the way to the post office, i wouldn't mind.

the day atit comes back to livejournal he'll find all these things i've posted about him... heh heh. i'll let you guess which one of us is bob.

27th June 2008

1:52am: mission hill

nothing new. just an excuse to put up a loldog really:

actually, been watching another funky cartoon called "mission hill." it's about a bunch of roomies living in a big city: "The show takes place in the fictional city of Cosmopolis's equally fictional neighborhood of Mission Hill. It's a hip place full of diverse, colorful characters -- think Silver Lake in Los Angeles, Wicker Park in Chicago or Williamsburg in Brooklyn."

the main two guys are andy and kevin french, two brothers. andy's 24, working a day job to get by but he wants to be a cartoonist. kevin's 17, and he came to live with andy to finish high school in the city since their parents bought a house and moved away. kevin's a geek, while andy's "all about cheap liquor, bad snacks and good parties."

andy's best friend jim lives with them, the "computer guy" at an advertising agency. he talks kinda slow, eats constantly, and is probably mildly high most of the time. the last roommate is posey, a flower child (i learned a new term!) who's more than a bit out there.

it's a pretty funny show, although probably not for everybody. like the oblongs, it was pulled after a dozen episodes because it couldn't find its market audience (or its market audience couldn't find the show) but now it's also a cult hit. check out the first episode, you might like it!


http://youtube.com/watch?v=Qr9HPoPUwnE (first half of first episode)
http://youtube.com/watch?v=9EtPpAs3XnA (second half)

23rd June 2008

5:19pm: reminders
i've been seeing things which remind me of people, but i forget to share! so here:

atit: i saw "harold and kumar" advertised on tv coming up, so it made me think of my roomie. i think i'll watch it when it comes up.

andrea: today when i was coming back from the post office, i saw a poster with people's names on it. one of them was andrea zimbardi! i also had a dream in which i was at a huge picnic banquet, but the only people i actually remember being there were andrea and matt.

becky: i saw a poster for a jewelry store called DUNKIN DIAMONDS. and today i saw what i think was a pug puppy (or puppy pug?).

kari: the book i sent out by mail today is going to cary, nc. kari and joe have been married for 2 weeks!! how fun!

at beth's friend's bbq party last week, there were two colgate-associated people. one was an alumnus, class of '05. he was pretty quiet, even less of a conversationalist than me. the other was a swimming coach who's going to colgate to coach the men's and women's teams. colgate is everywhere!

heh heh... it's got so many levels!
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19th June 2008

12:33am: the oblongs
i'm watching "the oblongs," a funny show about a family in poor living conditions trying to get by. the city they live in is divided into two: the hills, in which all the upper class lives, and the valley, where everyone else lives. all the chemical runoff from the hills spills out into the valley, and so everyone down there is either physically or mentally a little off. the oblongs are no exception:

bob, the father of the family, has no arms and legs, but is super enthusiastic, based off '50's TV dads.

pickles, the mum, is a chain-smoker and alcoholic. she used to live in the hills but moved down to the valley when she married bob, and then she lost her hair due to the poor living conditions. then she found a bar with a wig shop right next to it, and everything was just peachy!

chip and biff, eldest sons and siamese twins joined at the waist, and sharing a middle leg and middle buttcheek.

milo, middle son, who has super-ADD and is hyperactive.

beth, young daughter, who has a pickle-shaped tumor growing out of her head (no, it's not a schlong), but is very sweet. she's my favorite!

it's funny, part messed-up humor and part half-dark humor. also has some cute moments though: bob and pickles talking one morning, when he says he feels like today's the day he's going to move up and life's gonna get better:

"you won't trade me in for a trophy wife with a full head of hair and a functioning liver?"
"not on your life, you bald venus!"

ah, l'amour!

after a year and a half in a poopy relationship, i'm starting to feel better. i'm starting to believe in certain things i used to again. i think my parents made me too sappy.

no other news at the moment.

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